A selection of creative projects with other artists and communities.


2023 – 2024

Barkat  برکت‎ (Abundance)  is a workshop series that shares nature-based art making practices and folklore within the BIPOC community.

It will take place in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 as a collaboration with the BIPOC Outdoor Gear Library and Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington.

Six nature-based art workshops will be facilitated that are geared towards newcomers and individuals identifying as BIPOC. All workshops will take place outdoors, around a fire.

We will share stories, craft, learn, dream, and connect to the land.

Reth Aur Reghistan

2019 – Present

Reth aur Reghistan is a multidisciplinary project that explores folklore from Pakistan through sculptures, poetry, and community.

It was started by two sisters, Nimra and Manahil. In 2019 we researched folklore from Sindh, created sculptures interpreting scenes from these stories using foraged and reclaimed materials, and produced a manuscript of stories and art for publication.

Our project website includes research articles, resources on Pakistani folklore, events, and more.

Women Wide Awake

Women Wide Awake consists of stories, sculptures and poems from Sindhi folklore. It focuses on the stories of seven women from Sindh, stories from Karachi, and supernatural stories.

Pre-order your copy through the link below!

Creators Club Buddy Program

An arts club started at Oakwood Academy from 2019-2020 that paired neurodiverse students with neurotypical students. Creative workshops included pinch pots, daal mosaics, paper maché mask-making, outdoor painting, and musical instrument making.

Ability Awareness Mural Project

This mural was created in 2018 in collaboration with participants at DEEN Support Services, a program that offers culturally and spiritually relevant programs for adults with disabilities.

The interactive mural included raised textures and sound recordings. It was displayed in the Mississauga Central Library.

Backyard Worlds

In this project I collaborated with my sister and visual artist Manahil to create miniature worlds that captured scenes from fantasy and fairytales using foraged materials.