Hello and Welcome!

My name is Nimra and I am a Pakistani artist based on Turtle Island (Canada).

I create art with natural materials and facilitate community-engaged art workshops.

Foraged Materials

I enjoy the process of giving new lives and meaning to foraged and found materials, whether it’s sculpting creatures from mussel shells found on the beach, transforming black walnut into ink, or crushing rocks to make paint.


I facilitate community-engaged art workshops for all ages and abilities. My workshops invite participants to explore new ideas through writing, drawing, crafting, painting, music and movement.


My first oil painting was of mountains, a tree, and a river when I was six years old. Since then I have been enraptured with art making and what it has brought to my life.

My art explores our relationship with the natural world.

Creative Projects

I enjoy collaborating with other artists and communities. My most recent project is Reth Aur Reghistan, a multidisciplinary arts project with my sister (a poet and visual artist) that explores folklore from Pakistan through sculpture and poetry.

Contact Me

To book a workshop, discuss a collaboration or just to say hello.

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